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Archive of 2015 Sermon Recordings




13-Dec-15 Marvin Bryant Handling the Threat from Wickedness in the World -  Play Audio Notes
6-Dec-15 Chris Miller Servants of Refreshment -  Play Audio Notes
29-Nov-15 Shane Sullivan God on Fire -  Play Audio Notes
15-Nov-15 Marvin Bryant The Renewing of Your Mind -  Play Audio Notes
8-Nov-15 Marvin Bryant Our Vision: Loving Like Jesus -  Play Audio Notes
1-Nov-15 Marvin Bryant The Forgivable Sins -  Play Audio Notes
25-Oct-15 Marvin Bryant The Rise and Fall of the Second Reich -  Play Audio Notes
18-Oct-15 Marvin Bryant Sitting in the Circle -  Play Audio Notes
11-Oct-15 Marvin Bryant From Impetuous Pebble to Solid Rock, How Simon Morphed into Peter -  Play Audio Notes
4-Oct-15 Drew Baker The Friendship of God -  Play Audio Notes
27-Sep-15 Marvin Bryant Unlikely Usefulness -  Play Audio Notes
20-Sep-15 Marvin Bryant Sent Out -  Play Audio Notes
13-Sep-15 . Many Reasons to Praise God -  Play Audio Notes
6-Sep-15 Marvin Bryant Opportunity for Self-Examination -  Play Audio Notes
30-Aug-15 Marvin Bryant How to Know God’s Will -  Play Audio Notes
16-Aug-15 Marvin Bryant A Genuine Concern for Other’s Welfare -  Play Audio Notes
9-Aug-15 Marvin Bryant Love is from the Spirit -  Play Audio Notes
2-Aug-15 Marvin Bryant The Ability to Grasp God’s Love -  Play Audio Notes
26-Jul-15 Marvin Bryant Love Comes from Above -  Play Audio Notes
19-Jul-15 Marvin Bryant Loving Like Jesus -  Play Audio Notes
5-Jul-15 Marvin Bryant How to Keep from Losing Heart -  Play Audio Notes
28-Jun-15 Marvin Bryant God is Love -  Play Audio Notes
21-Jun-15 Chuck Morris Fathers through the Generations -  Play Audio Notes
14-Jun-15 Marvin Bryant Religious, Right or Receptive? -  Play Audio Notes
9-Jun-15 Marvin Bryant Jesus wants me to be Merciful, not Critical -  Play Audio Notes
31-May-15 Marvin Bryant The Proper Preoccupation for God’s People -  Play Audio Notes
24-May-15 Marvin Bryant Are you OK? -  Play Audio Notes
17-May-15 Marvin Bryant A New Focus Vision and Purposes -  Play Audio Notes
10-May-15 Marvin Bryant Message and Prayer for Moms -  Play Audio Notes
4-May-15 Marvin Bryant Jesus and Broken People -  Play Audio Notes
26-Apr-15 Marvin Bryant Praying on Purpose -  Play Audio Notes
19-Apr-15 Marvin Bryant The Power of God's Kingdom -  Play Audio Notes
12-Apr-15 Marvin Bryant How Jesus Began to Establish the Kingdom of God -  Play Audio Notes
5-Apr-15 Marvin Bryant Why We Believe -  Play Audio Notes
29-Mar-15 Chuck Morris Lavish Generosity -  Play Audio Notes
22-Mar-15 Marvin Bryant Good News: The Kingdom of God -  Play Audio Notes
15-Mar-15 Shane Sullivan Judge Not? How to Dodge the Judgement Boomerrang -  Play Audio Notes
8-Mar-15 Shane Sullivan Wrestling with God: A Lesson on Prayer -  Play Audio Notes
1-Mar-15 Marvin Bryant Wilderness -  Play Audio Notes
22-Feb-15 Marvin Bryant The Baptism of the Holy Spirit -  Play Audio Notes
15-Feb-15 Shane Sullivan The Person of the Holy Spirit -  Play Audio Notes
8-Feb-15 Shane Sullivan The Comfort of the Holy Spirit -  Play Audio Notes
1-Feb-15 Marvin Bryant Baptism: Jesus and Us -  Play Audio Notes
25-Jan-15 Marvin Bryant The Beginning of the Gospel about Jesus -  Play Audio Notes
18-Jan-15 Marvin Bryant Building Up the Body in Love -  Play Audio Notes
11-Jan-15 Drew Baker A Tree and a River -  Play Audio Notes
4-Jan-15 Marvin Bryant What It Means to Be Church of Christ -  Play Audio Notes