Audio Archive 2013

Archive of 2013 Sermon Recordings




29-Dec Chuck Morris Jesus, the Eternal Word  -  Play Audio Notes
15-Dec Drew Baker Great Expectations  -  Play Audio Notes
8-Dec Marvin Bryant and Richard Baskins Listen Up!  -  Play Audio Notes
1-Dec Shane Sullivan Fruitful Faith  -  Play Audio Notes
24-Nov Drew Baker Thanksgiving  -  Play Audio Notes
17-Nov Shane Sullivan Peaceful Outreach:First Say Peace  -  Play Audio Notes
10-Nov Ashley Sides Where is My Home?  -  Play Audio Notes
3-Nov Drew Baker Tragic God?  -  Play Audio Notes
27-Oct Chuck Morris Understanding the Times  -  Play Audio Notes
20-Oct Shane Sullivan Teach Us to Pray  -  Play Audio Notes
13-Oct Shane Sullivan and Marvin Bryant The Steadfast Love of the Lord  -  Play Audio Notes
6-Oct Shane Sullivan Here and Now or Then and There?  -  Play Audio Notes
29-Sep Marvin Bryant Connections Available: Small Groups  -  Play Audio Notes
22-Sep Marvin Bryant Connections Available: Ministry  -  Play Audio Notes
15-Sep Shane Sullivan Connections Available: Part 3  -  Play Audio Notes
8-Sep Marvin Bryant Connections Available: Membership  -  Play Audio Notes
1-Sep Marvin Bryant Connections Available: Part 1  -  Play Audio Notes
18-Aug Marvin Bryant The New Way of the Spirit: Transformed into the Image of Jesus  -  Play Audio Notes
11-Aug Marvin Bryant The New Way of the Spirit: Children of God  -  Play Audio Notes
4-Aug Marvin Bryant The New Life in the Spirit: The Mind  -  Play Audio Notes
28-Jul Marvin Bryant The New Way of the Spirit: In Daily Life and Church Life  -  Play Audio Notes
21-Jul Marvin Bryant The New Way of the Spirit: His Fruit  -  Play Audio Notes
14-Jul Marvin Bryant The Works of the Flesh  -  Play Audio Notes
23-Jun Drew Baker I Pledge Allegiance  -  Play Audio Notes
16-Jun Marvin Bryant Coaching and Compasion  -  Play Audio Notes
9-Jun Shane Sullivan Christ for the World  -  Play Audio Notes
2-Jun Marvin Bryant The New Way of the Spirit: Learning to Live in Love  -  Play Audio Notes
26-May Marvin Bryant The New Way of the Spirit:Faith Expressing itself Through Love  -  Play Audio Notes
19-May Marvin Bryant Don’t Let Yourself be Burdened  -  Play Audio Notes
12-May Marvin Bryant Mother's Day  -  Play Audio Notes
5-May Chuck Morris Welling up in Generosity  -  Play Audio Notes
28-Apr Marvin Bryant Not by Law or Human Effort  -  Play Audio Notes
21-Apr Marvin Bryant Gift of Salvation  -  Play Audio Notes
14-Apr Shane Sullivan Beneath the Surface  -  Play Audio Notes
7-Apr Marvin Bryant Baptized into Christ  -  Play Audio Notes
31-Mar Marvin Bryant Bringing Life and Immortality to Light  -  Play Audio Notes
24-Mar Marvin Bryant More Faith-Responses to God's Grace  -  Play Audio Notes
17-Mar Marvin Bryant Counted Right by Faith  -  Play Audio Notes
10-Mar Marvin Bryant The Cross and Power Over Sin  -  Play Audio Notes
3-Mar Drew Baker Daddy's Girls  -  Play Audio Notes
2-24 Marvin Bryant God Makes Us Right - Play Audio Notes
2-17 Shane Sullivan Hearts Open Wide - Play Audio Notes
2-10 Marvin Bryant No One is Right - Play Audio Notes
2-3 Marvin Bryant There Must be a Better Way - Play Audio Notes
1-27 Marvin Bryant God's Work in our Ministry - Play Audio Notes
1-20 Shane Sullivan Being a Minister Is . . .  - Play Audio Notes
1-13 Marvin Bryant I Am Not Alone - Play Audio Notes
1-6 Marvin Bryant A.F.E.W.  -  Play Audio Notes