Foreign Evangelism


. . . is the philosophy of the NorthWest Church of Christ Foreign Evangelism ministry. 
Currently, we support missionaries in České Budějovice, Czech Republic; Vera Cruz, Mexico; Chiapas, Mexico; Cebu City, Philippines; New Zealand; Romania; Rwanda; and Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
Our Missionaries  (click highlighted for report)
Regular Monthly Support:
Ashley and Jamie Sides – České Budějovice, Czech Republic
Manuel & Marta Vasquez - Ocosinco, Chiapas, Mexico
Mateo and Martina Vazquez – Ocosinco, Chiapas, Mexico
Orlando and Nora Carrillo – Coatzintla, Vera Cruz, Mexico
Murrell Family- Cebu City, Philippines
Chris and Melinda Miller - various locations in New Zealand
One Time Annual Support:
Paul and Katie Crook - Telios Ministries, Rhegin, Romania
Eric and Wendy Davenport, along with their 4 children visited us 5-12 July and reported to the congregation.
In addition to constant prayer, these missionaries are supported by financial assistance, medical mission events, Vacation Bible School projects, and local visits.