Where should I go when I arrive?

Parking - As our guest, please feel free to park anywhere you wish, but we do have reserved guest parking spaces which are located on the left, as you enter our lower level parking lot.  To get to our worship center, walk up the ramp by the big tree.  Elevator access is on the left, in the Children's Ministry entrance.  Our upper level parking lot is also for anyone needing handicapped access and our elderly guests and members.  

Welcome - At each entrance we have people who serve as greeters that will greet you and help you with any question or special need you have.

Church News Bulletin - Each week, a bulletin is distributed by the greeters as you enter the building. Also available is a worship order so that you will know what’s happening.

Worship - If you are arriving for one of our worship assemblies (8:30 or 11:00a.m.), you can enter the Auditorium anytime, which is located in the center of our building, and take a seat anywhere you would like to sit. Most people arrive 5-10 minutes before the assembly is scheduled to begin, but it's ok if you're running late. One of our greeters can help you find a seat.

Bible Classes - If you are arriving for our Bible Class hour (9:45a.m.), you may attend any class that you like. Classes are available for all ages, including children (infant through elementary), youth (junior high and high school), college, and adults. An Adult class schedule is available near the each entrance or one of the greeters can assist you in locating a classroom for you or your children. Our classes are designed to help us learn God's will and discuss the practical applications of the Bible in our lives.

Restrooms are located in the “side lobbies” located on either side of the Auditorium. Follow the signs on the left or right side of the auditorium to the restrooms.

Nursery - An attended Nursery, for babies age birth to 2 years, is available for our 8:30am & 11:00am worship assemblies. For more information, see our Children’s Ministry.