What is a Worship Assembly like at NorthWest?

Location - We have two Sunday morning worship assemblies that are held in the Auditorium. Sit wherever you would like. Most people arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time, but it's ok if you're running late.

What to Wear - You may dress as formally or casually as you want. People at NorthWest wear all different kinds of clothes to worship assembly, from jeans and t-shirts, to suits and dresses. We like to encourage everyone to dress modestly, out of respect to others.

Music - The music is chosen and directed by our worship leader, and everyone sings together “a cappella” (or without instruments). We believe you will be amazed and inspired by the blending of voices in worship and praise to God. The words and notes of the songs will be projected on the screen at the front of the Auditorium, and can also be found in the songbooks, or in song sheets available in the foyers.

Bible Reading - Our worship time includes public reading of a portion of the Bible as a means of encouraging us believers and listening to God. The scriptures read bring together a common theme central to the worship focus for that day. We believe that God's Word is living and active and capable of impacting our lives today.

Lord’s Supper (Communion) - Each Sunday we celebrate the death and life of Jesus with Communion. By eating bread and drinking grape juice in this community meal, we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Trays with unleavened crackers and small cups with grape juice will be passed down the pews to everyone. The bread and grape juice that are served symbolize to us the body and blood of Jesus’ sacrifice. If you wish, you may participate, or just pass the tray down the pew to the next person.

Contribution - Each week we also encourage our members to contribute money to the church at NorthWest. This is used to support the work of the NorthWest church and provide for the physical and spiritual needs of those who are in need. We do not expect our guests to give unless you want.

Children’s Worship - called Sonshine Hour at NorthWest, is held during the 11:00 assembly for children ages 2 through Kindergarten. Sonshine Hour usually begins after Communion time so that families may spend some time in worship together. Parents may take their children at the announced time, and then return to the auditorium. Sonshine Hour provides age appropriate activities such as singing, skits, and puppets. A snack is provided. The Sonshine Hour room is adjacent to the Fellowship Hall in the north end of the building.

The message - Our ministers will speak to us about the relevance of God to our lives today. You can expect to hear stories of faith, and be challenged to follow Jesus in your daily life.

Response - Following the message, an invitation is extended to anyone who wants to respond. This may include requesting a public or private prayer with an elder or minister who is standing at the front or in the back of the Auditorium. The response may be to confess faith and put Jesus on through baptism. A desire to become a member at NorthWest can also be made known at this time, or any other time.

Prayer - The congregation participates in thoughtful, public prayers to God in the name of Jesus Christ. One of our shepherds (elders) will lead the congregation in a pastoral prayer addressing special needs within the church.