Is Childcare Provided?

Yes! (Depending on the age.)

Nursery - During each Sunday morning assembly, a staffed nursery is available for children 0-2 years. You are also free to stay with your child in the nursery if the need arises and/or use the diaper changing facilities there. The nursery is located beside the Auditorium out the doors on the right side of the auditorium, then turning to your left.

Children’s Worship called Sonshine Hour at Northwest, is held during the 11:00 assembly on most Sundays for children ages 2 through Kindergarten. Sonshine Hour usually begins after Communion time so that families may spend some time in worship together. Parents are dismissed to take their children to the Sonshine Hour room, and then return to the auditorium. Sonshine Hour provides age appropriate activities such as singing, skits, and puppets. A snack is provided. The Sonshine Hour room is adjacent to the Fellowship Hall in the north end of the building. You may decide whether to let your children attend Sonshine Hour or remain in the Auditorium with you.

"Safe Place"  Volunteer Training - Our nursery staff, bible class teachers, and children's worship volunteers have all completed our "Safe Place" training which includes child safety procedures and a personal background check.

More information about our Children's Ministry is available at our Children's Ministry Pages